Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to apply?
As of November 2015, our eligibility requirements have been updated. Please visit the eligibility page to see the listing of professions.

Through expanded eligibility advanced nurse practitioners and physician assistants are now eligible for the IHeLp.

Applicants must have a bachelors level healthcare related degree unless otherwise noted on the eligibility page. If you don't see your profession or educational background there, please consider an exception request exception request. We may revisit this for future classes and always welcome your feedback and thoughts.

Who is NOT eligible?
All MD/DO physicians are not eligible for IHeLp as they are eligible for our 2-year integrative medicine Fellowship. Completion of this Fellowship provides eligibility for MD/DO graduates to sit for the APBS Board Certification exam in Integrative Medicine.

Any individual who does not meet either the IHeLp or Fellowship requirements above is currently ineligible, but may take any of our online courses.

What would my time commitment be?
IHeLp is a 6-month program. Participants spend approximately 8-10 hours of home study per week and are required to spend a 4-day retreat in Tucson. Participants must maintain current academic progress throughout the 6 months of the program.

What will I receive upon graduation from IHeLp?
After successful completion of all program requirements, you will receive a certificate of completion through The University of Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine.

Can I receive continuing education credit for completing the Program?
Can I receive continuing education credit for completing the Program? Continuing education credit is available for RNs and RDs both for some of the online coursework as well as the Educational Retreat in Tucson. Currently there are approximately 20 CE hours available for the Tucson Retreat. The over 25 hours of continuing education credited course work, also has CME--students may be able to submit these to their professional organizations--please verify if this is an option with your CE needs.

Will I have library access through the University of Arizona?
As a student in any of our UACIM offerings, you will NOT have library access. Our curriculum is well-cited and we provide a complete list of references cited in each course, which are linked to PubMed abstracts when available (UACIM cannot provide full text options - -those with other medical/health library affiliations may have full text access via PubMed).

What role does Dr. Weil play in the program?
As the Director of the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine, Dr. Weil guides our initiatives, including this new program. He is not an instructor for the program, but continues to contribute to curriculum development.

When can I apply to the Program?
Select the "Apply Now" button to see the important dates and details for applying to the program. We are now accepting applications for the 2019 Summer class, beginning January 14, 2019. Deadline for program application: January 21, 2019.

What if I'm not currently in practice? Can I still be accepted into the program?
It's most beneficial for program participants to be in an active practice because the learning experiences involve interaction with patients/clients, however if you are temporarily not in active practice or you are teaching other health care professionals, an exception may be made. Please contact us.

Which license, registration, certifications (I have at least two) should I submit in the application process?
Please submit ALL of your current Licenses/Registrations/Certifications according to the application instructions.

The tuition is prohibitive for me. Are there any scholarships or financial aid funds available?
Since the program is not a degree-granting program with the University of Arizona, there is no financial aid available through federally sponsored student loans. We do have some scholarships available at this time, please visit the IHeLp Scholarship page to read the details. There are a number of payment plans available. Also consider talking with your employer about sponsoring you for some of the enrollment expenses.

What are the technical requirements for my computer hardware?
We recommend the following:

PC Apple
2 GB Ram
Intel/AMD processor over 1GHz
500Gb HD
Intel Processor and 2 Gigs RAM
Windows 7 or greater OS Mac OS 10.6 or greater
You must have highspeed Internet connectivity (Cable or Highspeed DSL or better)
Audio capability (speakers/headphone jack)

Additional equipment recommended, but not required:
DVD player
Digital camera (phone camera will suffice)

Additional Software (all free):
Web Browser (most current common version)
Flash player (current version)
Acrobat Reader (current version)

Our site does not support Internet Explorer 7 or lower, you must work in the most current and secure version of this browser or select a different browser (Firefox, Safari, Chrome.)

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