Integrative Medicine Research

portrait of Dr. Esther Sternberg

The Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine is the leader in Integrative Medicine research.

Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine research includes:

  • Personalized and precision medicine.
  • How our environment impacts wellbeing.
  • Innovative methods for tracking real-time human responses to complex experiences.
  • Revolutionizing how we assess integrative medicine interventions.
  • Customized approaches to managing health and preventing illness.

This research has garnered interest from a wide range of leaders and companies, including those focused on enhancing human health, well-being, and performance, as well as professionals in building design and the military.

Institute on Place, Wellbeing, and Performance

University of Arizona's collaboration with the Andrew Weil Center, the College of Medicine, and the College of Architecture, Planning, & Landscape Architecture aimed at studying the built environment's impact on health and wellness.