IHeLp Testimonials

"I have found the IHeLp program to be exhilarating! I have learned so much in such a short amount of time and it's all applicable. I am keeping lists of ideas on how to apply my new knowledge and skills upon completion of the program and as I review this list I am so inspired. This program is going to provide me with the tools I have wanted and the credibility of an excellent institution to create the path of my dreams. I don't want it to end!"

~Kristin Sheldon, RN, IHeLp class of 2014 Summer

"Thank you so much for organizing a really superb gathering: the breath taking location, the great presenters, not the mention the exquisite menu made this event rather unforgettable. The dimension of connecting to others and the classroom discussions really made the online aspect come alive."

~Hamid Malekmadani, L.Ac., MS, MPA, IHeLp class of 2018 Spring

"I want to say thank you! I am only 2 weeks into the IHeLp program and it is an absolute perfect fit! I am excited about what I am learning and what is yet to come."

~Allison Jones BA-N, RN, IHeLp, Class of 2014 Summer

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