IHeLp Testimonials

"What I learned through IHeLp is...to listen to our spirits and be kind to our bodies. The value of self-care strengthened my resolve to champion a holistic approach to healing that incorporates a variety of understandings. Through personal application and reflection, I have seen the power of these practices."

~Charity Lackey, RN, BSN, IHeLp class of 2020

" have used my education quite often with patients...have been involved withthe essential oils and how to use them...am using the Mediterranean concepts with meal planning."

~SelethiaMitchell, DBH, LCSW, IHeLp class of 2020

"I helped my clients focus on increasing their intake of phytonutrient rich fruits and vegetables, healthy fats, and a reduction in sugar...many of my clients purchased home gym equipment, signed up for fitness apps, and did a lot more healthy cooking at home and with their families...Most enjoyed a lot more time in nature and movement significantly increased from walking."

~Karen Malkin

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