Contributing Faculty, Instructors, and Experts

Our faculty and expert contributor list continues to grow. Here is a sampling of those who are faculty, instructors, and expert contributors to the IHW Coaching curriculum.

  • Rocky Crocker, MD Rocky Crocker, MD
    Program Director, IHeLp and IHW Coaching
    Director, Strategic Clinical Planning and Implementation,
    Arizona Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine
    Assistant Professor of Medicine, University of Arizona College of Medicine
    Chief medical officer for American Specialty Health (ASH)
    AWCIM Fellowship Alumni ~ 2007
    Expertise: Family Medicine, Health & Wellness Coaching, Clinic Strategy
  • Robert Rhode Robert Rhode, PhD
    Clinic Professor, University of Arizona College of Medicine
    Clinical Associate Professor, The Center for Applied Behavioral Health Policy,
    College of Public Programs, Arizona State University
    Motivational Interviewing Trainer, Road Home
    Psychologist, Canyon Ranch
    Expertise: Motivational Interviewing, Psychiatry
  • David Rychener David Rychener, PhD
    Integrative Health Coaching, Veterans Affairs
    (Independent Contractor for Training development and delivery)
    Expertise: Integrative Health Coaching, Spirituality, Family and Marriage Therapy
  • Meg Jordan Meg Jordan, PhD, RN, CWP
    Department Chair of Integrative Health Studies and Somatic Psychology
    California Institute of Integral Studies
    Author: How to be a Health Coach: An Integrative Wellness Approach
    Executive Team Member, National Consortium for Credentialing Health and Wellness Coaches
    Expertise: Integrative Health Coaching, Behavioral Health, Psychiatric Nursing
  • Karen Gregory-Mercado Karen Gregory-Mercado, PhD, MPH, MCHES, CWWS
    Instructor of Health Coaching, School of Nutrition and Health Promotion
    Arizona State University
    Certified Intrinsic Coach
    Expertise: Behavioral Health, Nutrition, Health Coaching
  • Adrienne Lindsey Adrienne Lindsey, DBH
    Senior Research Specialist, Center for Applied Behavioral Health Policy
    Faculty Associate, Social Work and Behavioral Health Departments
    Arizona State University
    Expertise: Motivational Interviewing, Behavioral Health
  • Leila Finn Leila Finn, MA
    Mentor-Supervisor, AWCIM Integrative Health Coaching
    Lead Instructor, Emory University Continuing Education
    Instructor, Georgetown University
    Wellness Ambassador, Georgia Division of Aging
    Master Trainer, Stanford University
    Expertise: Integrative Health Coaching
  • Candace Gregory Candace Gregory, BSN, RN-BC, NC-BC
    Mentor-Supervisor, AWCIM Integrative Health Coaching
    Whole Health Coaching, Veterans Health Administration
    Health Mentor and Supervisor, American Holistic Nurses Association Nurse Coach
    Owner, Nurture the Nurse
    Expertise: Integrative Health Coaching
  • Lauve Metcalfe Lauve Metcalfe, M.S., FAWHP, CWC
    Mentor-Supervisor, AWCIM Integrative Health Coaching
    Research Faculty, University of Arizona College of Medicine
    Associate Director, Center for Physical Activity and Nutrition
    Health & Wellness Board of Advisors, Institute of Coaching at McLean Hospital, affiliate of Harvard Medical School
    Author, Reshaping Your Body, Rethinking Your Mind
    Co-author, The BEST Exercise Program for Osteoporosis Prevention
    Expertise: Health & Wellness Coaching
  • Sara Regester Sara Regester, RN, BSN, Certified Health Coach
    Mentor-Supervisor, AWCIM Integrative Health Coaching
    Founder, Directions 4 Wellness, LLC
    Expertise: Integrative Health Coaching

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