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To find an AWCIM Certified IH coach, who has successfully completed all requirements, and who has opted to be listed in the public directory, you can search by location, but many coaches will work from a distance either by phone or video calls. The directory listing is sortable—just click a column name (i.e. State/Province). Get more information about their practice (like phone, website, etc.) by clicking on each IH Coach's name in the directory.

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AWCIM Certified Integrative Health Coaches

An AWCIM Certified Integrative Health Coach has gone through rigorous practice and assesments to ensure quality skills in coaching and AWCIM's Integrative Health Coaching process. They are all graduates of our Fellowship or IHeLp and have various health backgrounds (physicians, nurses, dietitians, therapists, etc.).

Want to know what IH Coaching is and why an AWCIM Certified IH Coach is one of the most qualified? Download this short handout (PDF).

Find a Certified Integrative Health Coach

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This directory does not include all AWCIM Certified Integrative Health Coaches. Each coach chooses whether to be on the list and sets the practice information. AWCIM does not disclose contact information without permission.

AWCIM Certified Integrative Health Coaches who want to be included in the directory can update their public profile by logging into the Community Hub.