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The Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine is leading the transformation of health care by training a new generation of health professionals and by empowering individuals and communities to optimize health and wellbeing through evidence-based, sustainable, integrative approaches.

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  • Breathing and COVID-19

    Article from two AWCIM directors explores the impact of breathing practices on recovery from coronavirus.

  • Healthy Surroundings

    Dr. Esther Sternberg in a podcast on the impact of surroundings, art, and music on health.

  • NBHWC Approved

    AWCIM Integrative Health & Wellness Coaching program approved by the National Board of Health & Wellness Coaching!

  • Poster at ICIMH

    A poster presenting benefits of IHeLp at the International Congress on Integrative Medicine and Health.

  • Innovation Awards

    The Center's IMR Innovation Awards were presented to two of many leaders making a difference in residencies all over the country.

  • Make Stress Work for You

    AWCIM director of research Esther Sternberg, MD, with advice on making COVID-19 induced stress work for you

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