Throughout the year, the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine exhibits at several conferences and lectures on the University of Arizona campus and across the nation.

Many of our faculty and directors are regular speakers at national and international health conferences. To find information regarding a directors' speaking schedule, please visit their personal websites or contact their assistants.

Integrative Mental Health Conference

April 15-17, 2019
SF Hilton Union Square
San Francisco, CA

Integrative Mental Health Conference

Given the limited success which characterizes the treatment of many patients with impaired mental health it is time for a new paradigm for mental health promotion and treatment. Scientific evidence for the effectiveness of integrative treatment modalities continues to expand and includes research on nutrition, dietary supplements, mind-body interventions, spiritual counseling, adequate sleep, positive psychology, and psychedelics, in addition to medications and therapy. This conference will help prepare mental health professionals to advise their patients about integrative methods to enhance mental well-being.

Join us in beautiful San Francisco, CA, for 3 days of learning about the latest research, science, and applications!