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At the Andrew Weil Center, we pride ourselves on offering cutting-edge custom healthcare corporate and institutional training and events designed to meet the diverse needs of private practices, large health systems, and private healthcare companies alike.

Our commitment to excellence and adaptability to various group sizes make us the go-to destination for healthcare professionals and institutions seeking strategic education solutions.

Licensing Curriculum

Let us help you design your own Integrative Fellowship or training program for healthcare professionals. We offer the flexibility to license our curriculum, allowing you to tailor the training to align precisely with your goals.

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Social Responsibility Partnership

Through our social responsibility partnerships, we work collaboratively with organizations dedicated to improving global health and wellness.

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Custom Training for Small to Large Groups

We offer customized training programs for all types of healthcare professionals, ensuring they align with your organization?s goals and promote professional growth.

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Personalized Education Solutions

AWCIM supports your evolving educational needs, offering ongoing guidance to keep your training current with the latest integrative medicine advancements.

Create Your Own Fellowship

The Foundational Fellowship Curriculum (FFC) is a 550-hour online integrative medicine curriculum extracted from our two-year Fellowship in Integrative Medicine, available for select groups creating specialty or international Fellowships in Integrative Medicine.

In-Person Retreats

Let us help you plan your next in-person retreat. Benefiting from our world-class instructors, facilities, and speakers.

Corporate Training in Tucson, AZ

Expert-led wellness programs at the state-of-the-art Integrative Medicine Center in Tucson, AZ, blending cutting-edge practices with timeless techniques. Elevate your company's success & discover endless wellness possibilities.

Social Responsibility Partnership

Through our Social Responsibility Partnership, you have the opportunity to provide free access to our Healthcare Professional Wellbeing program to address burnout while also enjoying exclusive discounts on our Fellowship and all our online courses.

Hands Off Planning

Expert-led wellness programs in the Sonoran Desert, blending cutting-edge practices with timeless techniques. We'll plan activities, meals, and coordinate all of the logistics. Contact us today to explore how our custom training programs can be tailored to meet your unique education requirements and empower your healthcare professionals to deliver exceptional care..