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Introduction to Integrative Health (IHeLp)

Explore the principles and concepts of Integrative Health and Medicine, the historical and philosophical reasons for moving towards and Integrative health care practice and reflect on what you consider is health. Get a sneak peek into this one module course from IHeLp today...


To see an overview of the 6-month certificate program download the PDF. Hear from students, access application and tuition details, and much more from our IHeLp home page.


Introduction to Integrative Health Coaching

What is integrative health coaching? Discover the definitions of this new emerging field, how it ties into the national prevention strategy, affordable care act, and the principles and practice of integrative health care delivery.

Get an in depth exploration of AzCIM's Integrative Health Coaching principles and how they guide the coaching interaction. Explore the abbreviated version of this course from IH Coaching today ...


To see an overview of the 6-month certification program download the PDF. Access tuition, faculty, and other program details from our IH Coaching home page. To apply for the Coaching certification program, you must be a graduate of AzCIM's IHeLp or Fellowship certificate programs.