Healthcare Professional Wellbeing

The Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine (AWCIM) at the University of Arizona has developed an online course to help address the challenges that healthcare professionals face in maintaining their own health and wellbeing

The AWCIM Healthcare Professional Wellbeing Course explores foundational knowledge about wellbeing, as well as systemic and organizational issues unique to the healthcare system. Learners will discover strategies to build healthy resilience, manage chronic stress, prevent burnout, and practice mindfulness. This Healthcare Professional Wellbeing Course includes concepts and curriculum appropriate for learners from all professions within healthcare: all students, residents, fellows, faculty, and professionals in the healthcare setting.

This course is not a collection of statistics on burnout, but an evidence-based approach to individual self-care and wellbeing. Regardless of current level of burnout, the knowledge and skills in this course can help the learner weather the inherent stresses and challenges of working in healthcare.

The course includes several self-assessments: the Maslach Burnout Inventory, Connor Davidson Resilience Score, and Professional Quality of Life Scale. These self-assessments give the learner feedback on their current level of resilience, quality of life, and burnout.

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Course Benefits

Completing the course helps:

  • Meet many of the ACGME’s Common Program Requirements for physician wellbeing
  • Increase healthcare professional resiliency and hardiness
  • Decrease burnout
  • Provide strategies for coping with stress

More Information

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