IMR Obstetrics and Gynecology

The Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine, in collaboration with leading experts in integrative medicine, has developed an on-line integrative medicine curriculum designed specifically for the education of OB/GYN residents in training. This curriculum offers topics not typically included in conventional medical education such as nutrition, dietary supplements, mind-body medicine, environmental medicine, non-pharmacological approaches to pain and more. First introduced in 2021, this program has been adopted nationally by Ob/Gyn residency programs such as University of Arizona College of Medicine Phoenix Ob/Gyn Residency and the Marian Obstetrics and Gynecology Residency Program. The curriculum and resources are updated on a regular basis to reflect the ever-growing evidence that supports this field.

Why now?

The landscape of medicine is changing, and physicians are dealing with more chronic illnesses and stress-related disorders that often are not fully addressed with conventional medicine treatments.  Patient demand is high and new approaches for prevention and expanded treatment options are urgently needed.


  • 155-hours, competency-based curricula following ACGME guidelines
  • 24-hour access for residents and faculty
  • Blends on-line learning with experiential activities
  • Full course on Healthcare Professional Wellbeing which addresses ACGME Section VI common program requirement for physician well-being
  • Modular format allows maximum flexibility
  • Evaluation tools and exams built in to monitor progress and assess acquisition of knowledge

For faculty:

  • Monthly Leadership Collaborative Meetings
  • Annual Faculty Development Meetings in Tucson, AZ
  • On-line resource library with teaching materials, presentations, handouts