Tuition, Expenses, and Scholarships

The tuition for the Fellowship in Integrative Medicine is $30,000 for two years, inclusive of the holding fee and deposit.

The tuition covers online course content, participation in dialogues and special interest groups, faculty interaction, and some residential week expenses.

Tuition covers:

  • Access to all online course content
  • Participation in dialogues and special interest groups
  • Retreat tuition, most meals & materials at Residential Weeks
  • Access to selected integrative medicine faculty and practitioners
  • Coursework and Residential Week CME

Tuition does not cover the following:

  • Computer hardware, software, or Internet access charges
  • Recommended or optional texts
  • Lodging and travel expenses for Residential Week visits
  • Costs associated with guests attending Residential Weeks
  • Participation in other University of Arizona programs
  • Any other incidental expenses not mentioned above

Fees and Expenses

Note: Due to highly fluctuating exchange rates, for international fellows Fellowship tuition is $33,000 and payment plan options are limited to 1 payment or 2 annual payments.
Application fee: This fee is submitted along with the Fellowship application and, like other payments, it is made online. It is non-refundable. $150
Holding fee: Once you are accepted to the Fellowship, there is a non-refundable holding fee, due within 15 days of acceptance. $1,500
Deposit: Your deposit is due 60 days from acceptance. Should you be accepted less than 60 days prior to class start, your holding fee and deposit will be due immediately upon acceptance. The deposit (minus an administration fee) is refundable prior to the day class begins. Once the class begins, the deposit is no longer refundable. $4,000
Tuition: We offer a number of payment options so you can plan and budget accordingly for the two years of study. Payments may be structured in one of the following ways:

1 payment: $24,500
2 yearly payments: $12,250 each year
8 quarterly payments: $3,062.50 each, made quarterly, dependent on start date
20 monthly payments $1225 each, made on the 5th of each month
CME: To allow physicians to meet continuing education requirements for licensure, CME credit is offered for the residential weeks and some online curriculum, totaling approximately 80-100 hours over the two years. No additional cost
Other expenses: Fellows are independently responsible for a number of other costs not included in tuition: computer hardware and internet access charges, recommended and optional text books, and lodging and travel expenses for residential weeks in Tucson, for example. (Breakfasts, lunches and some dinners are covered by tuition.)

The following illustrates potential residential week expenses:

Hotel stay for one week: $950
Travel expenses $800
Additional food & misc. $45

For the 3 required residential weeks, these charges could total $5,385.

Total estimated expenses for the Fellowship in Integrative Medicine $35,535

Payment Schedule

Required payments for 2019-2020 Spring and Fall Classes:

Non-Refundable Holding fee: $1,500 due within 15 days of acceptance
Deposit: $4,000 due within 60 days of acceptance*
*If acceptance notification is made less than 60 days prior to class start date, you will be asked to pay the holding fee and deposit immediately upon acceptance.

Balance payment: Flexible (see details below) - $24,500.00

* Does not include a $150 non-refundable application fee due during application process.

Please note: All Fellows must attend the required Residential Weeks scheduled. Residential Week Schedules for upcoming classes are below.

Spring Class beginning February 5, 2018, graduating February, 2020 (Exact dates to be determined)

Spring Class Residential weeks:

  • Res Week 1: April 8-12, 2018
  • Res Week 2: March, 2019 (Exact dates to be determined)
  • Res Week 3: February, 2020 (Exact dates to be determined)
Fall Class beginning August 6, 2018, graduating October, 2020 (Exact dates to be determined)

Fall Class Residential weeks:

  • Res Week 1: October 21-25, 2018
  • Res Week 2: November, 2019 (Exact dates to be determined)
  • Res Week 3: October, 2020 (Exact dates to be determined)

Application, Holding Fees & Deposit

Terms of Deposit

  • Application fee ($150) is non-refundable
  • Once applicant is accepted, payment of the Holding Fee ($1500) and Deposit ($4000) secures their place in the next open class
  • Holding Fee is non-refundable; Deposit becomes non-refundable on the day the class begins

Payment may be made online with a Visa, Mastercard or American Express, or via mail by personal check or cashier's check

Payment Options

Payments may be structured in a variety of ways including:

  • 1 payment of $24,500
  • 2 yearly payments of $12,250
  • 8 quarterly payments of $3,062.50
  • 20 monthly payments of $1225

We'd be happy to answer any questions or further discuss tuition payment options that work for you. Please contact Moira Andre at 520-626-2865 or email AzCIM Admissions.

Scholarship and Fellowship Opportunities

We are not accepting fellowship scholarship applications at this time. Scholarship information will be posted by April 2018.

More About the Fellowship