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Education Programs - Quick Chart

The Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine's online educational programs offer students a diverse array of opportunities for studying integrative medicine.

Program Online Experiential and/or On-site Level of Education Commitment
The Fellowship in Integrative Medicine X X MD, DO, NP, PA, CNM 1,000 hours
(2 years)
Integrative Medicine in Residency (IMR) X X Residents 200 hours
Pediatric Integrative Medicine in Residency (PIMR) X X Residents 100 hours
Integrative Medicine Distinction Track (IMDT) X X Medical Students 4 years
Family Medicine Residency - Integrative Medicine Fellowship (IMFR) X X Residents 2 years, 4 - year residency
Lifestyle Transformation: Integrative Health & Lifestyle X X Active, licensed, registered/certified health care professionals 6 months
Lifestyle Transformation: Integrative Health Coaching X X Active, licensed, registered/certified health care professionals 6 months
Integrative Medicine Elective Rotation (IMER) X Med students, residents 1 month
Online Courses X All levels / public 16 - 20 hours
Nutrition & Health Conference X All levels / public 4 days
Grand Rounds X X All levels / public 1 hour

Please note: The Center does not provide specific information about treatments or conditions directly to the public. We encourage you to use credible sources to do your research in consultation with your physician.

You may choose from long-term study options, such as our two-year, distance-learning Fellowship in Integrative Medicine, or short term learning experiences, such as our online course series in botanicals, nutrition and Ayurveda, or the integrative medicine elective rotation (IMER)--a month-long IM-intensive program for medical students.

Delve into integrative medicine courses filled with information that will benefit both you and your patients. Our web-based courses utilize engaging, interactive learning with a user-friendly design, and offer the convenience of learning on your own time.