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New IHeLp Scholarships Available!

Learners are engaged at the IHeLp Retreat in Tucson. Become a part of IHeLp!

We are now offering 15 scholarships for up to 50% off of the tuition for the Integrative Health & Lifestyle program (IHeLp). This 6-month certificate program prepares a broad range of health care professionals to enhance their roles as crucial members of integrative health care teams worldwide.

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Congratulations IHeLp 2014 Summer!

The Integrative Health and Lifestyle program (IHeLp) has graduated its first class of 42 health professionals from a wide range of backgrounds and credentials. The 6-month certificate IHeLp program emphasizes a patient-centered approach, and provides participants with the skills they need to enhance their roles as crucial members of integrative health care teams worldwide. We are now accepting applications for the class of 2015 Summer. Apply now.
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AzCIM Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary

As the University of Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine marks our 20th anniversary, please join us in reflecting on the building blocks that have brought us to this point, what they mean for our work today, and how they will carry all of us into the future!

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Integrative Health Center

Mindful of the impact of healing space, the patient rooms at the new Integrative Health Center (IHC) in Phoenix feature natural light and dramatic views. Pictured: Tracy L. Baginski, BS, CCN, IHC's nutritionist, Esther Sternberg, MD, Director of Research, Andrew Weil, MD, Founder and Director, and Victoria Maizes, MD, Executive Director. See photos

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Sound Nutrition Information

Dr. Weil in a great piece in Today's Dietitian on how patients and health care pros can connect on good nutrition.

Building for health

The UA Institute on Place and Wellbeing, led by AzCIM Director of Research Dr. Esther Sternberg, is named as a charter member of the AIA Design & Health Research Consortium, which will fund research on how design affects public health.

Dr. Maizes on Food

Watch Dr. Maizes draw on current science to demystify the latest diet trends and offer strategies for selecting food for pleasure, vitality, and health.

AzCIM receives HRSA grant

AzCIM will expand its already leading role in bringing evidence-based integrative health care education to a wide range of primary care professionals.

Slow Medicine

AzCIM faculty Kenneth R. Pelletier, Phd, MD(hc), talks slow medicine. Good medicine should work to modify an entire system over time, not just address a particular symptom in the short term.

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