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AzCIM Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary

As the University of Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine marks our 20th anniversary, please join us in reflecting on the building blocks that have brought us to this point, what they mean for our work today, and how they will carry all of us into the future!

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Evolution of IM Education

Dr. Maizes writes in The Chronicle of Higher Education about our online educational offerings' successful impact on health care over the last 14 years -- beginning with our IM Fellowship, followed by our residency initiative and most recently IHeLp for professionals like nurses, therapists, and dietitians. Read the article.

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11th Annual Nutrition & Health Conference

At the 11th Annual Nutrition & Health Conference, May 5 to May 7, 2014, Dr. Andrew Weil, and Chef Rebecca Katz will present "Translating the Science to the Plate: Exploring the Role of Taste and Flavor in Healthy Cuisine."

For information on the conference, or to register, visit the Nutrition & Health Conference website.

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Integrative Health Center

Mindful of the impact of healing space, the patient rooms at the new Integrative Health Center (IHC) in Phoenix feature natural light and dramatic views. Pictured: Tracy L. Baginski, BS, CCN, IHC's nutritionist, Esther Sternberg, MD, Director of Research, Andrew Weil, MD, Founder and Director, and Victoria Maizes, MD, Executive Director. See photos

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Health tips with Dr. Weil

Avoid sunscreens with oxybenzone and retinol, take a multivitamin, and eat bitter foods to control appetite. Andrew Weil, MD, appeared on the Dr. Oz Show to discuss these and other hot topics in health.

Addressing the gaps

AzCIM Fellowship alumna Pamela Ross, MD, shares some of how she arrived at an integrative practice and embraced patient-centered care.

Fixing the system

Interview with Dr. Weil on the obstacles to reducing health care costs, battling chronic diseases, and encouraging prevention.

Get outdoors

Our minds and bodies thrive in nature. Spending time outdoors can help prevent insomnia, depression, obesity, and even nearsightedness.

Is kale a super food?

Most people know that kale is good for your health. But how do you make it delicious? Watch Dr. Weil share a few of his kale tips---and reveal some of his comfort foods!

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