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Our inaugural IH Coaching class completed their first live training in Tucson. This rewarding and richly packed event included hands-on education sessions on coaching processes, skill development, and supervised coaching practice. In the photo, faculty and students engage with presenter, Meg Jordan, PhD, RN, CWP, on the topic of advanced mind-body tools for coaching. The IH Coaching certification program builds upon the knowledge our Fellowship and IHeLp graduates receive.
Early applications are due by May 20, 2015.

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Advancing Medical Education

Integrative Medicine in Residency and Pediatric Integrative Medicine in Residency site leaders from across the country gather in Tucson for an annual meeting featuring interactive events like medical improvisation, herbal preparation, and (seen here) a cooking demo with Dr. Weil.

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Congratulations IHeLp 2014 Winter!

The Integrative Health and Lifestyle program (IHeLp) has graduated another class of health professionals from a wide range of backgrounds and credentials! Our most recent IHeLp class started January 12, 2015. Some of our IHeLp students are continuing their integrated health education by entering our Integrative Health Coaching program.
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AzCIM Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary

As the University of Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine marks our 20th anniversary, please join us in reflecting on the building blocks that have brought us to this point, what they mean for our work today, and how they will carry all of us into the future!

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National Center for Integrative Primary Health Care

We've just helped launch a national center to get integrative medicine into primary health care! Please check out the site and add yourself to the mailing list.

BPA and Health

Dr. Maizes on considering environmental toxins as a cause of disease.

All About Allergies

Managing your allergies can involve both medication and lifestyle factors. Dr. Horwitz explains.

Sleep and Dreams

AzCIM faculty Dr. Rubin Naiman on the importance of the process of dreaming.

Supplement Controversy

AzCIM Executive Director Victoria Maizes, MD, weighs on the dietary supplement case in New York.

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