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Integrative Health & Lifestyle (IHeLp)

Encouraging healthier patients and communities by providing well-trained integrative health care teams.

The Integrative Health & Lifestyle program (IHeLp) is an innovative, interprofessional, 6-month, mostly online, educational certificate program exploring key topics in integrative health and lifestyle approaches.

Explore key topics in integrative health and lifestyle

This rigorous program provides a strong foundation in integrative health, emphasizing the key role of lifestyle changes. Knowledge based exams confirm your understanding of the material. Discussion, along with peer and faculty feedback, build on your understanding of applying the learning to your personal and professional life.
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Sneak Peek
Get a sneak peek into the first course, Intro to Integrative Health...


Join an interprofessional integrative community

IHeLp is truly interprofessional. You learn alongside a variety of dedicated health care professionals including nurses, psychologists, clinical behavioral health professionals, nutritionists, acupuncturists, dental hygienist, dentists, and physical, occupational, and speech therapists. We are developing integrative health care teams and encouraging collaboration amongst our IHeLp and Fellowship graduates to change the way health care is practiced.

Engaging, innovative online learning

Our cutting edge, evidence based curriculum is delivered in chapter-like sections with updated and linked supportive citations and includes:

  • Video demonstrations, lectures, and interviews
  • Interactive mini-quizzes and games
  • Off-the-shelf patient shopping/label reading activities
  • Faculty-moderated bulletin-board style discussions
  • Self-care assessments, assignments, and small group sharing

From expanding your integrative knowledge base to exploring core self-care principles, your learning will transform the way you think of and approach health.

  • What our students say...

    "I appreciate the detailed information in each module of the IHeLp curriculum and I really like the inclusion of a summary of applicable research. This gives a very balanced understanding of the topic. I love the design and multimedia approach. I have found the print modes and iTunes download options very helpful as this allows me to download and read or view when I can't be online. Also, I have been very pleased with the rapid response and resolution to any class or technical issues."
    ~Sara Scott, BSN, RN, MA, Wellness Educator, IHeLp class of 2014 Summer

Study when and where it's most convenient

Many of our students maintain a full-time job while completing our program. But that doesn't mean it is easy. This rigorous program requires at least 10 hours per week of dedicated time for completing coursework, submitting assignments, and engaging in online discussions. It is an intensive 6-month program and commitment to doing the work is fundamental to your success. In addition to the online delivery, you will spend 4 days in Tucson, Arizona, for hands on sessions. (Explore the retreat)

Students speak with Mindy Green, IHeLp faculty; students measuring during hands-on session; close-up of Dr. Low Dog's Herbal Remedies session

A lifelong integrative career path

Completing the program and earning your IHeLp certificate is just the beginning. You join a robust alumni group of like-minded professionals, with opportunities to continue your education through online offerings, conferences, and eligibility to apply for the competitive Integrative Health Coaching program.

  • What our students say...

    "I have found the IHeLp program to be exhilarating! I have learned so much in such a short amount of time and it's all applicable. I am keeping lists of ideas on how to apply my new knowledge and skills upon completion of the program and as I review this list I am so inspired. This program is going to provide me with the tools I have wanted and the credibility of an excellent institution to create the path of my dreams. I don't want it to end!"
    ~Kristin Sheldon, RN, IHeLp class of 2014 Summer

Transform your approach to health

From expanding your integrative knowledge base to exploring core self-care application--you not only learn--you transform the way you approach health.

  • What our students say...

    "I believe that in 5 years, our healthcare system will be dramatically different. With a foundational knowledge in integrative healthcare, I believe that I will be on the cutting edge of what many institutions and private practice settings will seek. I believe that there will be a need for professionals who are skilled in providing care that addresses the whole patient."
    ~Marta Kazandjian Ranaldo, MA, CCC, SLP, BRS-D, Columbia University, IHeLp class of 2014 Summer

Apply to the Program

We are now accepting applications for IHeLp 2016 Summer. Program starts January 11, 2016 and finishes July 10, 2016.

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