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Local and National Integrative Health Resources


meal plan Anti-inflammatory Diet

Anti-inflammatory Food Pyramid

Choosing Foods for Heart Health

Choosing Healthy Carbohydrates

Dash Eating Plan

Dietary Tips for Better Mental Health

Elimination Diet Guidelines

Food Shopping Tips

Food Sources of Vitamin D

Fundamentals of a Gluten-free Diet

Fundatmentals of a Gluten-free, Casein-free Diet

Gluten-free Eating

Healthy Diet for Women with Breast Cancer

Healthy Meals for Diabetics

How to Meet Omega-3 Fatty Acids Needs During Pregnancy

Phytochemicals and Your Health

Practical Advice for General Nutrition

Top Ten Tips for a Healthy Diet

Understanding Nutrition Labels

Environmental Health

Air Quality & Health

General Health

Environmental Health Recommendations

Patient Friendly IM Resources

Signs of a Heart Attack

Stroke Warnings

Possible Triggers for Migraine Headaches

Mental Health

Mind-Body Medicine for Better Mental Health

The Relaxing Breath

Pain Management

Low Back Pain Exercises

Strain-Counterstrain Technique for Pain Relief


Tips for Good Sleep


Use our Sodium Explorer to examine how much sodium is in your typical meals.

Learn the glycemic load of common foods and build a daily menu with this Glycemic Load activity.


Tip Cards

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The Relaxing Breath

Seafood Tips

Seafood tips card

Use our Guide to Sun Exposure to save your skin.

Review Our Top Ten Herb Picks.