5 Questions with Joseph Mosquera on his Integrative Medicine practice.

  1. What is your specialty and which UACIM program did you complete and when?

    A 2004-PIM graduate. I am an Internist and Neurologist by training-Board certified in Internal Medicine. I practice using the principles of my Integrative Health Training which are a combination of Ambulatory Community/Family Health while always including individualized lifestyle options of disease prevention and health promotion. My certification training also includes completing the Harvard Acupuncture Program in 2006 and the Ericksonian Psychotherapy/Hypnotherapy program in 2005.

  2. What is your current practice (or business)?

    I have three main branches of my practice:

    • My urban multicultural practice in Newark NJ over 32 years seeing mostly Hispanic, Brazilian, and Portuguese families
    • My private concierge practice of a limited amount of patients. Nationally, I also use Telemedicine in this practice
    • My national and global digital outreach to promote better healthcare and trusted access to Hispanic communities with daily health/wellness info at SaludMovil.com along with affordable access to clinics and medications with the first bilingual drug saving app called SuReceta.com. We have millions of visitors to these sites which are the fastest growing in this field. We partnered with Harvard health and Consumer Reports.

  3. What are you doing now ? how are you impacting the growth or field of IM or medicine either locally or nationally?

    I have taken my office consult experience and Integrative Health training to a national scale where i reach millions instead of one person in a room. This was accomplished by being a national bilingual health expert with Consumer Reports Health and also as a member of the Health Advisory Board to NBC Universal. Over the last 15 years i have also appeared as a medical expert for Univision and Telemundo national news. I have also been a contributing author and editor on several books (Integrative Men's Health, Integrative Pain Management, Salud Con Edad by Dr. Weil)

  4. What is the core of your own self-care practice that allows you to take care of yourself to deliver what you do to your community, practice or business?

    Demonstrating "Self-care" to patients is essential to me. Lifestyle changes prevent illness and promote healing and as partners in health, we must abide by this rule with every patient, including ourselves.

  5. As an addendum or in the text/interview, please include books, publications, businesses, website ? etc. Include everything you want to share with our UACIM community.

    I invite colleagues, friends, and families to browse through my digital platforms. SaludMovil.com and SuReceta.com Both have apps available for your smart phone and most importantly they can help patients access affordable meds/care and information. My practice web site is DrMosquera.com.