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Your gifts, grants, and partnerships are integral to all Center activities - thank you for your confidence and support.
Our obligation to you is to utilize best practices in all our programs as we work to fulfill our mission to transform healthcare. The economic model we have established facilitates development and builds sustainability for many of our programs.

Priority Programs

On the forefront of integrative clinical care: Your gift helps to establish clinics that serve as a national model for cost-effective, integrative primary care.

Integrative Primary Care Clinics
The development of new models of primary care delivery focused on wellness and prevention is a top priority for the Institute of Medicine, legislators, practitioners and health care consumers. The Center plans to open its second IM primary care clinic in Tucson in early 2015.

We designed the prototype UA Integrative Health Center - Phoenix to ensure that creativity, well-defined objectives, evidenced based interventions, outcomes measurement, and sound business planning were each carried throughout every aspect of the program.

Key features of the model include: 1) a basis in IM philosophy and principles; 2) payment through a hybrid model of insurance reimbursement and patient annual/monthly fees; 3) signing a Health Partnership Agreement with each patient; 4) leveraging technology to increase ease of access, promote efficiency and improve outcomes; 5) initiating group visits to increase patient satisfaction and improve outcomes; 6) adopting a team care model in which all practitioners work together to achieve the patient's goals; 7) providing health coaches to aid individuals in making and sustaining lifestyle transformation; and 8) measuring IM health outcomes using sound research technologies.

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On the forefront of IM research: Gifts develop methods and tools to measure the effect of IM therapies and their cost effectiveness.

Research Projects
Esther Sternberg, MD, Center Director of Research, is developing projects that will expand the body of IM knowledge and have the potential to revolutionize medicine. They include: 1) Breakthrough technology for new health care delivery including - Development and commercialization of a non-invasive lab in a bandage tool to measure immune and nervous systems' function; 2) Clinical and cost-effectiveness, outcomes research Development of tools to measure psychological, physiological, endocrine and immune systems to compare integrative versus conventional approaches and to assess cost effectiveness; and 3) Environmental innovation including - Development of the Institute on Place and Well-Being to measure the effects of the built and natural environment on human health, emotions, and spirituality.

In her first nine months at the Center, Dr. Sternberg has moved her laboratory and personnel from NIH to the UA, hired three faculty members for her research team, begun projects with the Defense Department, initiated partnership with UA Tech Transfer team toward commercialization of products, submitted several grant applications for support of these and other projects, and been appointed to multiple national and international professional boards.

Potential impact from research data include: 1) provide an efficient way to track and record patient status in home health care settings, especially in the elderly and the very young, 2) utilize smart phones and other mobile devices to measure patient heart rate variability in relation to the nervous system, 3) validate the efficacy of IM within the medical profession, with policy leaders, and with insurance providers, 4) translate research into meaningful health outcomes, and 5) legitimize IM to the general public.

On the forefront of integrative medical education: Your gift creates the curriculum, customizes it for regional use, and trains teaching faculty in pilot schools.

Lifestyle Transformation (LT) - Continuing innovation and leadership in medical education
Currently in development, this two-part program will begin in 2014 and train over 200 health professionals per year to deliver integrative health care. This will extend access of Center curriculum to registered nurses and dieticians, naturopathic physicians, chiropractors, physical therapists, acupuncturists, psychologists, and counselors. LT curriculum encompasses: 1) partnering with patients, 2) developing motivational interviewing skills, 3) discussing lifestyle factors including: environmental factors, nutrition choices, resilience, dietary supplements, physical activity, and personal relationships, and 4) proactively developing a team approach.

Training this new and large population of medical professionals will have major impact for patient care nationwide. It is estimated that each of these students will serve 750 patients per year. Therefore once established, approximately 150,000-180,000 new patients each year in communities like yours will benefit from LT.

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Pediatric Integrative Medicine Residency (PIMR) - Expanding the discipline
In summer 2012, the Center launched the nation's first PIMR program as a pilot at UA Department of Pediatrics at UA Medical Center. In July, PIMR will expand to become a national pilot at Stanford University, University of Chicago, University of Kansas, and Eastern Virginia Medical School/Children's Hospital of the King's Daughters. More than 300 pediatric residents will begin training in the first year. Upon completion of training, each pediatrician serves on average 2000 children per year. Therefore, once established in practice, these 300 physicians will deliver IM care to 600,000 children.

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