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UAIHC-Tucson (coming soon)

Proposed architectural model of the University of Arizona Integrative Health Center (UAIHC)-Tucson. Model and design courtesy of Rob Paulus Architects, Ltd.

Development of the University of Arizona Integrative Health Center in Tucson (UAIHC-Tucson) began this year. Based on our successful Phoenix model, UAIHC-Tucson is being designed by the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine (Center), the world's leading integrative medicine (IM) institution, and will be led by physicians and practitioners trained through our Fellowship in Integrative Medicine.

Key features of the UAIHC-Tucson primary care clinic will include:

  • Founded on IM philosophy and principles;
  • A Health Partnership Agreement;
  • A team care model in which all practitioners work together;
  • Health coaches to aid individuals in making and sustaining lifestyle transformation;
  • Leveraged technology to increase efficiency and patient access;
  • Educational classes to increase patient satisfaction and improve outcomes;
  • Payment through a hybrid model of insurance reimbursement and member fees;
  • IM health outcomes and cost effectiveness research.


Patients will receive individualized, comprehensive primary care with a strong focus on personal empowerment, prevention, self-care, and optimal health. A full spectrum of primary care service will be available.

Your physician will take interest in you as a whole person, taking into account any existing health conditions, lifestyle, diet, and exercise, and provide you with a broad range of conventional and complementary health services to best suit your needs. A team of practitioners will work together to guide you in finding your own path to health and wellness.

Clinicians on staff may include:

  • Integrative physicians (MDs);
  • An integrative Nurse Practitioner or integrative Physician Assistant;
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners;
  • An integrative chiropractor;
  • A mind-body practitioner;
  • Integrative nutritionists;
  • Integrative health coaches

Scheduled to open in fall 2015, UAIHC-Tucson will deliver an unparalleled level of care. It will enhance IM clinical care, education, and research by demonstrating a sustainable and replicable clinic model, provide a setting to train medical students, residents, and fellows, and serve as a site for further outcomes research.

In our 20th year, after creating educational programs nationwide, UAIHC-Tucson brings Dr. Andrew Weil’s vision to transform health care full circle by establishing a primary care clinic in the hometown of IM. This clinic model is being perfected and will soon be available across the nation.

For information on developing an Integrative Health Center based on our model in your area, please contact our Consultative Service:
Robert L. Crocker, MD
Director of Strategic Clinical Planning and Implementation