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Grand Rounds Details Page ~ ()

Grand Rounds Details Page ~ ()

Clinical Approach to Environmental Medicine ~ Hilary McClafferty, MD (09-14-2011)

"Endothelial Health" — A Clinical Approach to Preventing and Reversing Cardiovascular Disease ~ June Stevens, NMD (09-01-2011)

The Medicine of Ceremony Ann Marie Chiasson, MD, MPH ~ Ann Marie Chiasson, MD, MPH (05-05-2011)

Integrative Dermatology: Combining Conventional Treatment with Holistic Remedies ~ Robert A. Norman, DO, MPH, MBA (04-07-2011)

Balance Not Burnout: Addressing Physician Wellness in Residency ~ Denise Millstine, MD and Patti Thorn, PhD (02-24-2011)


Healing Spaces: The Science of Place and Well-being ~ Esther Sternberg, MD (12-09-2010)

Alternative Laboratory Tests: The Good, The Bad, The Unproven ~ Dr. Sheryl Berman (11-04-2010)

"The Pain from it All: An integrative approach to the internal and external factors affecting chronic pain." ~ Heather Tick M.A., M.D., CAFCI, DipAAPM (02-04-2010)

Sustained Remissions in Fibromyalgia: Understanding the Powerful Effects of Emotions on Pain" ~ Howard Schubiner, MD (01-07-2010)


What Is It About Homeopathy? The Debate, The Facts, and the Han Endeavor of Scientific Research ~ Dr. Iris Bell (12-03-2009)

Plant Bark Extracts in Treatment of Diabetes and Diastolic Dysfunction ~ Ronald R. Watson, PhD and Sherma Zibadi, PhD, MD (11-05-2009)

Developmental Origins & Environmental Influences for Later Disease ~ Noel John M. Carrasco, MD, FAAP (05-07-2009)

Healing and the Wounded Healer ~ Robert L. Crocker, MD (04-02-2009)

Dietary Interventions for the Promotion of Breast Cancer Survival ~ Cynthia Thomson, PhD (03-05-2009)

Promise in Research on Complementary and Alternative Medicine ~ Josephine Briggs, MD (02-23-2009)

Integrative Approach to Asthma ~ John Mark, MD (02-05-2009)


Spirituality: Why it has Our Doctors Spooked ~ Allan Hamilton, MD (12-04-2008)

Top Ten Recommendations in Integrative Oncology from a Naturopathic Perspective ~ Lise Alschuler, MD (11-06-2008)

The Integrative approach to Peak Performance ~ Stephen Brewer, MD (10-02-2008)

Burnout to Bliss: how Patients are Healing Physicians and Changing the Face of Medicine ~ Pamela L. Wible, MD (09-04-2008)

Topics in Integrative Medicine: Women's Health ~ Tieraona Low Dog, MD (06-05-2008)

Clinical Hypnosis ~ Steven Gurgevich, PhD (05-01-2008)

Hospice and Palliative Care: A Contemplative and Integrative Medicine Approach ~ Evan Kligman, Carolyn Ancell, Ron Bogard (04-03-2008)

Medicinal Use of Turmeric in Rheumatoid Arthritis: Issues and Evidence ~ Janet Funk (03-06-2008)

Environmental Health ~ Andrew Weil, MD (02-07-2008)


Long-term weight loss: a myth or a reality? ~ Tim Lohman Ph.D. (12-06-2007)

The Art and Science of Compassion ~ James Duffy MD, FANPA, AAHPM (11-01-2007)

Vitamin D Deficiency: the cause of everything? ~ Louise Gagné, MD (10-04-2007)

Interventional Cardiology: Integrative Medicine Style ~ Stephen Devries, MD (09-06-2007)

Ayurvedic Medicine: Modern Science Meets Ancient Healing ~ Rob Saper, MD, MPH (06-07-2007)

Integrative Approaches to Cardiovascular Disease ~ Steven Horowitz (05-03-2007)

Promising CAM Cancer Clinics Around the World ~ Ralph Moss, PhD (04-11-2007)

Why do researchers tell us CAM does not work when thousands of patients experience the opposite? ~ Vinjar Fonnebo, MD (04-05-2007)

Integrative Medicine and Biomedicine: Paradigm Shift or Paradigm Clash? ~ Ian Coulter, Phd, LHD (03-01-2007)

Origin and Clinical application of the functional medicine model ~ Jeffrey Bland, PhD (02-01-2007)


Ethical Issues in CAM and Integrative Medicine ~ Jon Tilburt, MD, MPH (12-07-2006)

Herbal Medicine and Nutritional Supplements for Children: What Do We Really Know? ~ Ben Kligler, M.D. (11-02-2006)

The quantum paradigm in health and disease ~ Stuart Hameroff M.D (06-01-2006)

An Integrative Approach to ADHD ~ Sandy Newmark, M.D. (05-04-2006)

Clinical Issues, Controversies and Updates in Women's Health and Natural Medicine ~ Tori Hudson, N.D. (04-06-2006)

The Darker Side of the Physician's Life: Anonymous Letters from Physicians to their Patients ~ Dan Shapiro, Ph.D. (03-02-2006)

Preventing Relapse from Addictive Disorders: The Role of Mindfulness and Acceptance ~ John A. Astin, Ph.D. (02-02-2006)


DSHEA: A 10-Year Retrospective on the Science, Regulation and Politics of Dietary Supplements ~ Loren Israelsen, J.D. (12-08-2005)