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Integrative Health Coaching

Building on the knowledge and skills developed in the Integrative Health & Lifestyle Program or AzCIM Fellowship (pre-requisites based on profession), graduates will be certified in Integrative health coaching. Certification provides health care professionals with a broad skill set utilizing integrative coaching theory to promote sustainable lifestyle change. The program will focus on applied coaching theory, behavioral change theory, motivational interviewing, goal setting (and attainment), as well as how to teach self-care.

This 6-month program is student-centered and community focused. It consists of approximately 60 hours of engaging online curriculum, feedback driven coaching practicums, faculty-moderated dialogues, and 2-3 experiential-focused educational retreats in Tucson.

Educational Goals

  • Learn to approach clients/patients as partners in health.
  • Become proficient in motivational interviewing and goal-setting/attainment skills to empower clients/patients to be more successful in achieving sustainable and transformational lifestyle changes.
  • Attain a level of knowledge and understanding of applied coaching theory requisite to work independently or in a team environment as a health coach.
  • Demonstrate the required level of coaching skill and proficiency both in a classroom environment as well as with actual clients/patients.
  • Demonstrate the ability to apply the knowledge acquired in the IHeLP course to working with clients/patients in a health coaching capacity
  • Gain a broad understanding of the range of beneficial health approaches available to patients, including CAM, life-style, and mind-body.
  • Develop strong patient interviewing skills to support a whole-person approach.
  • Be able to work effectively with and clearly communicate with integrative medicine clinicians regarding client/patients health.


  • Introduction
  • Coaching Principles
  • Integrative Coaching Principles
  • Coaching Strategies
  • Group Coaching
  • Evidence/Research
  • Ethics and Limits of Coaching
  • Elements of a Coaching Session
  • Post Training & Professional Development