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Residency Directors

IMR is the premiere program in the United States to teach medical residents about Integrative Medicine. The 200-hour online distance education program was created by leaders in the field and has been piloted tested and studied for the past three years.

In July 2010, the IMR was opened to early adopters at a discounted price. Early adopters can implement the curriculum based on their own needs and preferences. Courses are modular and allow great flexibility, It can be a longitudinal program, a set of electives, an elective rotation, or courses can be included in a track.

All residents have access to the web-based curriculum at any time, and the courses are also available for faculty development.

Benefits of adopting the IMR curriculum include:

  • Innovative, web-based curriculum.
  • Common curriculum across residencies.
  • Modular format allows maximum flexibility.
  • Improves residency recruitment.
  • Tool for faculty development.
  • Residents and faculty increase medical knowledge/skills in treating patients. Built-in competency-based evaluation to help with RRC reports and site visits.
  • Residents and faculty learn to assess and change their personal lifestyle health behaviors.

To preview a patient case in the Clinical Integration course or for more information on becoming an early adopter of the IMR program, please contact: Patricia Lebensohn at (520) 626-9390, via e-mail or Emily Sherbrooke at 520-626-1539, via e-mail.

IMR Curriculum


Year 1

  • Introduction to Integrative Medicine
  • Prevention and Wellness: US Preventive Services, Nutrition and Diet, Supplements for Prevention, Physical Activity, Sleep, Stress and Mind-Body Medicine, Spirituality
  • Tools in Integrative Medicine: Motivational Interviewing for Behavioral Change

Year 2

  • Pediatric Topics: ADD/ADHD, Chronic Pain Syndrome, Asthma and Allergies
  • Women's Health Topics: Menopause, Fibromyalgia, Osteoporosis, Depression, Eating Disorders, PMS, prenatal care and lactation
  • Acute Care Topics: Back Pain, Urinary Tract Infection, Gastroenteritis, Otitis media,Vaginitis, Chest Pain/GERD, Upper Respiratory Infection
  • Tools in Integrative Medicine: Integrative Medicine Intake Process, Botanicals, Mind-Body Medicine

Year 3

  • Chronic Illness: Cardiovascular Disease (hypertension, hyperlipidemia, coronary artery disease), Diabetes Mellitus II, Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Obesity, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Chronic Back Pain
  • Special Topics: HIV, Cancer Survivorship
  • Tools in Integrative Medicine: Integrative Medicine Care Plan Process, Manual Medicine, Energy Medicine, Whole Systems, Practice Management


An important component of the IMR pilot project is evaluation. We are using the following methodology:

  • Evaluation of the residents' competencies: self-assessment of knowledge and skills, multiple choice testing of knowledge in integrative medicine, and direct observation while interacting with patients
  • Evaluation of the curriculum content via participants' valuation of each course.
  • Evaluation of residents' well-being through standardized behavioral assessments.
  • Evaluation of the IMR's institutional impact through residency matching and recruitment data, as well as surveys and interviews with participants.
  • Comparison with control family medicine residencies: for the class of 2012 we will compare pilot study residents' self assessment, medical knowledge and behavioral assessment results with the responses of a control group of residents from residencies without the IMR curriculum.

Download the Resident Evaluation of a Web-based Integrative Medicine Curriculum: The Function of Formative Evaluation PowerPoint presentation

Download the Resident Wellness and Well-being: Lessons Learned from the Integrative Medicine in Residency Program PowerPoint presentation

Download the Incorporating a Web-based, Integrative Medicine Curriculum into 8 Family Medicine Residencies PowerPoint presentation

Download the 2009 NARCCIM PowerPoint presentation.


For more information on the IMR program, please contact IMR Director Patricia Lebensohn at (520) 626-9390, via e-mail or Emily Sherbrooke at 520-626-1539, via e-mail.