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Eligibility & Application

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Step 1: Eligibility
Step 2: Create an account
Step 3: Submit online application
Step 4: Submit additional materials (NPs, CNMs and International Medical Grads, please see #4 details below)
Step 5: Pay your application fee
Step 6: Notification process

The Fellowship Class 2017 Spring is closed. Applications are being accepted for the 2017 Fall and 2018 Spring Classes.

Acceptance into the Fellowship is competitive. Applicants are required to complete the application online from this website.

If you would like access to your previous application, please email Moira Andre.

Step 1: Eligibility

The Fellowship admits physicians (MD and DO), Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD), nurse practitioners (advanced practice degrees), certified nurse midwives, and physician assistants (PA) with current medical license.

Step 2: Create an account

In order to submit an application, you must create an account. This will allow you to track the status of your application. If you already have an account you will be prompted to login at Step 3.

If you do not have an account: Create an account

Step 3: Submit online application

Complete and submit the Online Application. The application takes 30–45 minutes to complete. Please fill out all requested information.

Fellowship Application.

Applicant Priority and Placement

  • The applicant is responsible for providing all required documentation to the admissions office.
  • Please email or fax your documents: email Admissions or fax to (520) 626-3518.
  • Applications for the Fellowship are accepted on a rolling basis throughout the year.
  • Due to the number of applications received for the Fellowship classes, we can no longer guarantee placement in a specific class. Applicants are accepted on a first qualified, first-accepted basis.
  • Assignment to a specific class is determined by date of payment of the Holding Fee and Deposit and availability of open seats.
  • While there are established due dates for the Holding Fee and Deposit, accepted applicants are encouraged to pay their fees as quickly as possible after being accepted to garner the next available open seat in a class.
  • Availability of seats may change on a daily basis.

Note: Holding fees are due 15 days from acceptance and Deposits are due 60 days from acceptance. Class assignment will not be processed until all fees are paid. Applicants who have not paid their fees within the due dates specified will have their applications withdrawn. Withdrawn applicants who have not entered a program within a year of acceptance may be asked to re-apply should they later request admittance into the Fellowship.

Schedule for Upcoming Classes

Class 2017 Fall begins August 3, 2015

2017 Fall Residential weeks:

Res Week 1 October 11-15, 2015

Res Week 2 November 6-10, 2016 (tentative)

Res Week 3 September 17-21, 2017 (tentative)

Class 2018 Spring begins February 1, 2016
2017 Spring Residential weeks:

Res Week 1 April 10-14 2016

Res Week 2 March 12-16, 2017 (tentative)

Res Week 3 February 25-March 1, 2018 (tentative)

Step 4: Submit additional materials

Nurse Practitioners and Certified Nurse Midwives

Submit copies of your curriculum vitae and medical license.

International Medical Graduates

International Medical Graduates residing outside the United States are also required to send an English translated copy of their medical school transcript, medical license, curriculum vitae and TOEFL score (Test of English as a Foreign Language. In lieu of the TOEFL score, please call Moira Andre at (520) 626-2865 for a phone interview.

Step 5: Pay your $150 non-refundable Application fee

Pay online by credit card: Application fees are only accepted after an application has been submitted. Go to online payments, or mail a check to:

Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine
c/o Business Office
PO Box 245153
Tucson, AZ 85724-5153

Resident Physicians

Physicians who will be in their final year of residency at the start of the Fellowship must submit a letter of support from their Residency Director. This letter should reflect an understanding by the Director of the time commitments necessary to successfully engage in the Fellowship (8-10 hours per week and three one-week retreats in Tucson).

You may also choose to email or fax your other documents: email Admissions or fax to (520) 626-3518.

Step 6: Notification process

Once all fees are paid, notification of class assignment will be emailed to applicants.

Contact Us

For more information about the Fellowship, or the application process, contact Moira Andre at (520) 626-2865 or email Admissions.